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2020-07-17Bump version numbers to 6.2.0HEADmasterClément DAVID111-442/+442
Change-Id: I5b644ab3368a611637d4b4681adab35a62097d42
2020-07-17Merge origin/6.1 into masterClément DAVID356-7741/+11956
Change-Id: I4178a77be534c343bf59663bb4cc3bed4b437070
2020-07-15[doc] misc. improvementsSamuel GOUGEON29-910/+876
* brackets: update after 4d08a758 * text_properties: Wrong .fill_mode description: * polyline_properties: mark_size mark_foreground mark_background can now be vectors. line_style image moved example => parameters * repmat: + The input A can be an hypermat or ND-array. + Examples enriched and illustrated. + See also: + kron, ndgrid, insertion, - extraction, matrix, size * squeeze: for any input type (not only reals). Examples enriched illustrated. * sum: encoded integers were not documented as acceptable input. Change-Id: Ia111e6e21862948e76b1bee10686b66c99511a63
2020-07-15* Bug 16450 fixed: [double, integer] & [double ; integer] implementedSamuel GOUGEON10-51/+657 Change-Id: I01c9fec1b718ca0802366505664e1d149160a98c
2020-07-08[fileio] mputstr() error message fixedSamuel GOUGEON1-1/+1
Issue: --> mputstr(["Scilab" ; "Xcos"], fd) mputstr: Wrong type for input argument #1: string expected. Test: fid = mopen(tempname(), "wt"); mputstr(["Scilab" ; "Xcos"], fid); mclose(fid); Change-Id: I3b6c586c1b77328ebb2ce7a0d0f31eb08170e689
2020-07-07* Bug 14873 fixed [doc]: setfield page fixed updated clarifiedSamuel GOUGEON6-100/+599 * The output argument was documented only on en_US * The input was restricted to matrices, while any Scilab object is acceptable. * The setfield usefullness specific to mlists was not clearly described * The example had no call to setfield for fr_FR ja_JP pt_BR and ru_RU versions It did not illustrate the setfield role for mlists. * See also: + getfield * History was incompleted for en_US and missing for other languages Page overhauled (PDF): Change-Id: Ia5d7dc431c332b1016604474582056dac0ff78e8
2020-07-07[doc] mputstr() page overhauledSamuel GOUGEON3-298/+198
Change-Id: I1c8f56cd6922709ac86390f398c87e8d033f8036
2020-07-06[ast] upgrade sparse extraction after 5dc990d1Stéphane Mottelet2-14/+145 Change-Id: I12f32a24510d6d9d3a62f990193c91bc17d95d91
2020-07-06* Bug 16122 fixed: now concat polynomials with <> var raises an errorStéphane MOTTELET3-1/+28 Raises the same error (missing overload) as when trying to do some algebra with polymials having different var. Change-Id: I86de5fdce36b04aea55429172eadfa0fb85894af
2020-07-02* Bug 16483 fixed: substraction of complex polynomial matrix was brokenmottelet3-4/+34 Change-Id: I2b53b89dd73609c625c642289de1bfd595c81052
2020-07-01complex() extended to sparsesSamuel GOUGEON6-436/+286
Change-Id: I0b26f8f13fb8a4813db483f022c296c678e2b70a
2020-07-01* Bug 15842 fixed: unique() + with 2D sparseSamuel GOUGEON8-32/+134 is required for and for upgrading other set functions. Change-Id: Ibfd461b344029d452648a607a43cf3fef2460ef5
2020-07-01* Bug 16274 fixed: assert_checkequal() with Nan or void in containersSamuel GOUGEON6-102/+219 Change-Id: Idc5058969b1fc3cd25aa69efe276a7b808df379d
2020-06-30* Bug 16449 fixed: insertion of implicit vector in cell was crashingmottelet4-7/+38 Change-Id: Iaca5c586c0060017aef6e8205dc788cb10c9684d
2020-06-30* Bug 11852 fixed: now filebrowser updates (again)Clément DAVID5-245/+417
This implementation track changes using filesystems capabilities to reload part of the filebrowser model on file creation/deletion and for visible nodes. This reverts commit 93c93ccfffbfc7bd69002596ac86b98e98d70f58 and provide a better implementation. Change-Id: If900b9001d04153fec8f75e52658d8ed902e8ffb
2020-06-29* Bug 16473 fixed (again): deleting rows in sparsebool squared itSamuel GOUGEON2-3/+7 Change-Id: I105af3797bd8586e39340869d0628b57b18a2dc4
2020-06-29[doc] Fixed typos in homepage-ru_RU.html.Stanislav KROTER1-8/+8
Change-Id: I54fbe0085d1b1d7ec652eab8059bd13b0491284b
2020-06-29* Bug 16473 fixed: Deleting rows in a sparse squared the matrixmottelet3-2/+24 Change-Id: I1a240084d097ef78e2b48ee44c175d6bbeda2bb3
2020-06-12* Bug 16358 fixed: isdef([],..) yielded an errorSamuel GOUGEON5-77/+49 Change-Id: I2b5f5dadab9b8d3b9fb7376afd5dad63bc4dd511
2020-06-12[doc] misc. typos & improvementsSamuel GOUGEON40-212/+553
Change-Id: I0d256104bd6fad74327fbbb6aecb936f60e13f85
2020-06-12mv sample() samplef() samwr() => /random generationSamuel GOUGEON21-3/+0
No related nonreg tests to move. Change-Id: I8c8f5398a4fb77c618dc91ab1d9cb5f46f3a6b6c
2020-06-12* Bug 13739: xname() set obsoleteSamuel GOUGEON13-98/+81 Change-Id: I13ce7523441b8a8ae135e2fa55b66679239dbd54
2020-06-12[doc] find() page improvedSamuel GOUGEON5-207/+1087
Change-Id: Ia4a0969e988d3a084eaca1e0cbeb7e5d2e8ad62c
2020-06-11csvRead: fix C90 compatible variable declarationClément DAVID1-1/+4
Change-Id: Iab05aa5937fb4a927e3c49f836833f19587db9fc
2020-06-11* Bug #16391 fixed: csvRead() was crashing with empty linesClement David3-30/+56
Change-Id: Icc27fc91e7549e34d70ea82025eb613f998cdfc5
2020-06-11helpbrowser: make online link working for dev versions (after c8073d)Samuel GOUGEON1-3/+8
Change-Id: I88b97f671b441b913ca17dfd20214baa87fb5442
2020-06-11[doc] Revision of help page for gsort in Russian.Stanislav KROTER1-2/+3
One sentence was untranslated. Change-Id: Ic4e0d86b12a1f9164a1e60e489349629d2694566
2020-06-11[doc] Translation of help page for getscilabkeywords into Russian.Stanislav KROTER1-0/+57
Change-Id: I70b63f73532f13dcc8e7855cade9f2ae16e1e1b9
2020-06-11* Bug 16463 fixed: now matrix(sparse([]),[0 0]) is empty sparseStéphane Mottelet3-15/+29 test_run elementary_functions bug_16463 mode_nwni_profiling Change-Id: I9b985f44868743aa41bcb38ad25b43e02a1d2ed5
2020-06-04* Bug 16204 fixed: for i=1:$, end crashed ScilabStéphane Mottelet2-0/+7 Change-Id: I89e3d248a59d74d25dec58ba01ffac1d6a2b1cbf
2020-06-04* Bugs 15838 15839 15842 16452 16454 fixed: gsort() for all sparse in all modesSamuel GOUGEON11-189/+1087 : gsort() for sparse: only vectors of doubles could be sorted, and only in "g" mode, and without multi-level sorting. Now, * Any 2D array of doubles can be sorted in "g" mode (not only vectors). * Any array of doubles can be sorted in any other r, c, lr, lc mode. * Any boolean array can be sorted in any g, r, c, lr, lc mode. : [..,K]=gsort(): K missed indices of zeros. : unique(sparseMatrix) yielded an error. : setdiff(sparse([1 3 0 2]), sparse([3 7])) wrong : gsort(Sparse) with NaN => error --> test_run elementary_functions gsort* TMPDIR = C:\Users\I\AppData\Local\Temp\SCI_TMP_4540_1271 001/007 - [elementary_functions] gsort_sparse................passed 002/007 - [elementary_functions] gsort_multilevel_text.......passed 003/007 - [elementary_functions] gsort_multilevel_polynomials passed 004/007 - [elementary_functions] gsort_multilevel_numbers....passed 005/007 - [elementary_functions] gsort_multilevel_complex....passed 006/007 - [elementary_functions] gsort_boolean...............passed 007/007 - [elementary_functions] gsort.......................passed -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ans = T Change-Id: I0be52e6f9416ad7e7279ad9f7a8eb9db941d7ac0
2020-06-03* Bug 16459 fixed: The display of one-column hypermatrix was wrongStéphane Mottelet4-1/+54 Change-Id: I7b0fbaf7006691123f8a741ac53cc286d6913e39
2020-06-03* Bugs 16337 16455 fixed: [..,..,ku] = unique(..) implementedSamuel GOUGEON8-347/+696 (NR included in unit tests) Help page updated (PDF): This commit supersedes Change-Id: I19a215a45c6b65b715fc2a775548d48a02cf0339
2020-06-03[ast] fix wrong alignment of complex displaymottelet3-42/+92 Change-Id: I284e133072488ad1df0351bed12b53a23b68dd93
2020-06-03* Bugs 9909 12889 fixed: helpbrowser improved (LANG, www, issues)Samuel GOUGEON4-0/+221 Change-Id: I519a07a2a6af29f446c09db648a1ffd7f8a47e08
2020-06-01* bug 16280 fixed: allow users to use mode() inside a macro.Cedric Delamarre7-5/+112 test_run overloading bug_16280 Change-Id: I5a18d237dea044bf6548115c8913f56c7c86e6fb
2020-05-26* Bug 16406 fixed: edit_curv() failed reading data (%h_set)Samuel GOUGEON3-2/+39 Change-Id: Id26a43ec8741a928cc4bc5dd03ed38a2564a655f
2020-05-26* Bug 16445 fixed: colorbar() for Champ.colored='on'Samuel GOUGEON4-9/+32 Change-Id: I86ea06defebd7c86d42d648605111a44b23ba456
2020-05-25[doc] champ() page fixed + improved after f94449Samuel GOUGEON8-243/+530
* Description improved. * Images champ_1.png and champ_2.png did not match the code: their displayed arrows were not oriented with fx>0 and fy>0. Example improved. * Examples with colored arrows added (after obsoleteing champ1()). * See also: + champ_properties * Other page improvements. Change-Id: Id7562b0e5aabfbc9a6514716ef87e3bd5f4d0b05
2020-05-25rm duplicate test after fced82 & 56cd2Samuel GOUGEON4-1393/+6
bug_14361.tst is already completely included in parser.tst. Testing twice exactly the same thing is useless. parser.tst has been updated after @ This commit removes the duplicate instead of updating it. This is indicated in the bugzilla thread. Change-Id: I56d1224f92641c79e949be785d43c26ccbb008f8
2020-05-25[doc] Misc. small improvementsSamuel GOUGEON64-1791/+1134
* backslash: short desc improved. See also: + datafit. * preferences: See also: + xmlSetValues * csc, cscd (ru): LaTeX removed (as for all other LANG) * eig: useless LaTeX removed * prettyprint_mathJax: image reduced to 75% * bode: image #2 needed regen * axes_properties: typo, * cspect, pspect, convol, delip: MathML replaced with (compact!) LaTeX * int2d: See also: + mesh2d * scilab_primitives: add refs to webtools functions, mesh2d * MUX, DEMUX: wrong max # of ports fixed (8 => 31) Change-Id: I50f53382558c78b0e1531006304a213773b39c62
2020-05-15* Bug 8059 fixed: .wgetrc could make troubles in atomsDownload()Ronan Keryell2-2/+2 Moved from master @ Change-Id: I237c6069aa226d888b66be3300a4bae4b9f53b4d
2020-05-15[doc] datafit page fixed after 534951cSamuel GOUGEON9-348/+169
Follow-up of pushed first on master Change-Id: I931f87485b31b3aa62f7a2311526b570f2757146
2020-05-15./. .\. extended to sparses after fced8250Samuel GOUGEON4-38/+30
* ./. and .\. undocumented implementations introduced in 6.0.0 - always yielded errors for sparse inputs, due to divisions by zero - did not match proper definitions - are canceled here. * Proper definitions introduced in 6.1.0 are extended to sparse here Change-Id: Iedb2a6f95268abeaf161d35d486bee655c60618e
2020-05-15* Bug 16374 fixed: BC error loading in 6.x datatips saved in 5.5Samuel GOUGEON4-7/+31 Test file from 5.5.2: 135 kb despite it has been generated with a minimal example. Change-Id: Ie3fbc2b9820fe00acd06bd2e07a71fc45a3ce036
2020-05-15[ast] fix bug 14245 NR test after 5dc990d1Stéphane Mottelet2-23/+2
Change-Id: I5e5f3b63b56b1dc4ec68f0ded99e75a98ce5814b
2020-05-15* Bug 16373 fixed: fix issue of crashing in arm when displaying 0Chin Luh TAN4-5/+53 --> a = 1; --> b = 0; --> a a = 1. --> b b = terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::length_error' what(): basic_string::_M_replace_aux A fatal error has been detected by Scilab. Please check your user-defined functions (or external module ones) should they appear in the stack trace. Otherwise you can report a bug on with: * a sample code which reproduces the issue * the result of [a, b] = getdebuginfo() * the following information: [ubuntu:24308] Signal: Aborted (6) [ubuntu:24308] Signal code: (-6) Change-Id: Ibfcd025545c251164a91ab1c3bcf7c5b08271cbb
2020-05-15 Bug #16106 fixed: Xcos sciblk4 opar failed to simulateClément DAVID4-21/+132
The sciblk4 user-defined blocks did not handle opar and odstate/oz in a compatible way to Scilab 5. On interface function model.opar is a list() that should be passed to block.opar on simulation function. On interface function model.odstate is a list() that should be passed to block.oz on simulation function. Change-Id: I5835603e754c0a39543cb0e4e859edfb3c929d5a
2020-05-14[webtools] Header fixed about User-AgentCedric Delamarre6-1/+28
// must not return an error http_get("", cert="none") Change-Id: I86d2b2da102f6ab6cfc84fe7123ed4b69b43c475
2020-05-14[doc] libraryinfo() page overhauledSamuel GOUGEON4-104/+721
Moved from the master @ PDF version: please remove it from the commit before merging. Change-Id: Id86b35c0860e486acfca238e312d2ec6363eb967