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2021-04-01* Bug #14397 fixed - mgeti did not read u-int64 > 2^52Samuel GOUGEON15-1282/+1204
2021-04-01[fileio] allow mopen and mclose to handle multiple filesmottelet6-101/+146
2021-04-01* Bug 16529 fixed: deff() upgraded: output arg added, one-string def, etcSamuel GOUGEON8-378/+863
2021-04-01* Bug 16614 fixed: replot() could fail out of gcf()Samuel GOUGEON3-3/+42
2021-04-01[doc] pathsep() page improvedSamuel GOUGEON3-34/+122
2021-04-01Default Java Heap increased to 512 MBSamuel GOUGEON2-1/+2
2021-04-01* Bug 16305 fixed: unwrap() failed unfolding straight segmentsSamuel GOUGEON3-1/+26
2021-04-01* Bug 16288 fixed: wavread(): misleading error messageSamuel GOUGEON16-45/+43
2021-04-01* Bug 16561 fixed: histplot(-10:0.2:10, 6) warning & error removedSamuel GOUGEON5-2/+41
2021-04-01* Bug 16634 fixed: wrong scilab -h for -l option / LinuxSamuel GOUGEON1-1/+1
2021-04-01[doc] misc fix & improvementsSamuel GOUGEON68-4861/+4944
2021-03-31* Bug 16639 fixed: atomsInstall & atomsRemove now update Toolboxes menuSamuel GOUGEON4-5/+19
2021-03-31[graphics] update S(f)grayplot after c296e494mottelet2-4/+0
2021-03-31debugger: deadlock in the java EDT due to the debug mode fixedCedric Delamarre9-29/+31
2021-03-30* Bug 16638 fixed: getcolor() rendering debuggedSamuel GOUGEON8-148/+256
2021-03-29[doc] uigetcolor() and colormap pages illustratedSamuel GOUGEON16-249/+382
2021-03-29* Bug 16636 fixed: det(sparse) now actually implementedSamuel GOUGEON8-381/+771
2021-03-26* Bug 16631 fixed now readonly handle properties are reported as suchmottelet4-3/+40
2021-03-26* Bug 16632 fixed: now scilab starts with unsupported locale on macOSmottelet3-2/+9
2021-03-26* Bug 16633: now Listbox callback can be triggered by item clickmottelet2-1/+12
2021-03-26[doc] replace MathML with LaTeX (continue)Samuel GOUGEON124-3067/+1608
2021-03-26* Bug 16626 fixed: == and <> between libraries restoredSamuel GOUGEON5-30/+66
2021-03-26create java user configuration at first start even in MW modeAntoine ELIAS1-1/+4
2021-03-26debugger: error in try/catch and errcatch fixedCedric Delamarre3-0/+20
2021-03-26reduce depth search to find figure during closingAntoine ELIAS1-4/+10
2021-03-26debugger: callstack generation fixed with execstrCedric Delamarre1-1/+1
2021-03-25* Bug 16573 fixed: mfile2sci: sci_axis is now reliableSamuel GOUGEON4-137/+177
2021-03-25* Bug 14098 [doc]: genlib() and library pages updated for Scilab 6Samuel GOUGEON9-692/+1071
2021-03-25* Bug 16624 fixed: fullfile() ignored forced final filesepSamuel GOUGEON4-46/+15
2021-03-25[doc] power() improved pageSamuel GOUGEON5-431/+742
2021-03-25* Bug 16620 fixed: polyint() introducedSamuel GOUGEON5-0/+327
2021-03-25* Bug 11888 fixed [doc]: struct() page overhauled for struct arraysSamuel GOUGEON6-312/+457
2021-03-25* Bug 16618: close() extended to help xcos browsevar editvarSamuel GOUGEON6-40/+384
2021-03-25* Bug 16617 fixed: gamma() extended to incomplete casesSamuel GOUGEON21-500/+450
2021-03-24nchoosek(4,2) displayed nothingSamuel GOUGEON1-1/+1
2021-03-24* Bug 16565: edit(user_defined_func) corrupted the original codeSamuel GOUGEON3-2/+83
2021-03-24* Bug 16613 fixed: .*. and kron extended to booleansSamuel GOUGEON30-49/+421
2021-03-24* Bug 16612 fixed: kron() now maps .*. for sparse numericSamuel GOUGEON4-0/+49
2021-03-24* Bug 16608 fixed: union() extended to boolean and to sparse matricesSamuel GOUGEON8-266/+846
2021-03-24* Bug 13855 fixed [doc]: pause() page updated & improvedSamuel GOUGEON6-125/+388
2021-03-24* Bug 15841 fixed: intersect() now accepts sparseSamuel GOUGEON7-49/+685
2021-03-24* Bugs 16340 16451 fixed: setdiff('','') & 'c'|'r' with strings. + booleans +...Samuel GOUGEON8-195/+517
2021-03-24* Bug 11600 fixed: now rand() parses its inputs as it shouldmottelet3-13/+66
2021-03-22%b|s_#_s|b() overloads moved => [overloading]Samuel GOUGEON23-77/+32
2021-03-22[m2sci] Conversions of box() grid() cla() improvedSamuel GOUGEON9-91/+58
2021-03-22[m2sci] kernel misc. fixes & improvementsSamuel GOUGEON19-378/+752
2021-03-22Revert f56158b2 "[doc] string pages improved" for specific files whereSt├ęphane MOTTELET11-43/+43
2021-03-22[m2sci] kernel code reorganization: clarify dependencies & ease code browsingSamuel GOUGEON37-1913/+1615
2021-03-19* Bugs 16567 16586 fixed: mfile2sci() supports block %{..%}. Appended comment...Samuel GOUGEON7-14/+182
2021-03-19* Bug 16552 [m2sci]: cd, dir, dos, exist, ferror, +ismac, ispc, isunix, returnSamuel GOUGEON23-47/+157