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2020-10-15* Bug 16484: remove mlist(["st"..],..) from ScilabSamuel GOUGEON61-1437/+51
2020-10-15[doc] csvRead() csvWrite() pages improvedSamuel GOUGEON5-152/+259
2020-10-15* Bug 14435 fixed: better error reporting in extract overloadsmottelet6-53/+152
2020-10-14* Bug 16553 fixed: unique(['' '']) returned ['' '']Samuel GOUGEON3-1/+23
2020-10-13[doc] string pages improvedSamuel GOUGEON63-820/+1377
2020-10-13[m2sci] update nonreg testsSamuel GOUGEON4-4/+4
2020-10-13Scicos: fix crash on invalid extractClément DAVID1-1/+1
2020-10-13* Bug 16551 fixed: num2cell(['' '']) returned {}Samuel GOUGEON3-29/+80
2020-10-12* Bug 15954 fixed: mfile2sci(): No mode(0);ieee(1); header anymoreSamuel GOUGEON155-1405/+290
2020-10-08callstack fixed againCedric Delamarre11-50/+152
2020-10-07callstack fixedCedric Delamarre3-4/+12
2020-10-07[]("field") crash fixed after Delamarre4-18/+29
2020-10-05extraction fixed, [].field crashes ScilabCedric Delamarre3-1/+22
2020-10-02* Bug 16549 fixed: simple script crashed Scilab in GUI modemottelet3-35/+78
2020-09-02[bug_16512] dot division fixed when the rigth hand side is null.Cedric Delamarre7-46/+60
2020-09-02tostring fixed with format(2)Cedric Delamarre3-3/+9
2020-08-27* Bug 6765: xdel() is obsolete. Replaced with close()Samuel GOUGEON104-1585/+606
2020-08-27Bug #12418 fixed again: using bvode() with continuation led to an errorClément DAVID4-37/+51
2020-08-27the link in setfield help page (pt_BR section) has been updatedAdeline CARNIS1-4/+4
2020-08-27[ast] fix hypermatrix display after 232df831mottelet3-3/+10
2020-08-27[fileio] get_absolute_file_path() with no input argmottelet21-67/+161
2020-08-17CHANGES updatedAdeline CARNIS1-6/+0
2020-08-14* Bugs 15163 16496 fixed [doc]: getdate() page rewrittenSamuel GOUGEON5-598/+149
2020-08-14* Bug 14488 fixed: plot2d frameflag=9 restored & clarifiedSamuel GOUGEON6-1856/+467
2020-08-14* Bug 16517 fixed: getdate('s') ignored the fractional partSamuel GOUGEON4-83/+63
2020-08-13* Bug 16525 fixed: soundsec() set obsoleteSamuel GOUGEON30-320/+141
2020-08-13* Bug 14718 fixed [doc]: user() was still documentedSamuel GOUGEON8-191/+6
2020-08-11atomsRepositoryAdd: fix unmatching msprintf() argsSamuel GOUGEON1-1/+1
2020-08-10[elementary_functions] fix some nonreg testsSamuel GOUGEON8-361/+35
2020-08-10* Bug 13762 fixed [doc]: ifft 1/n normalization missed in TeXSamuel GOUGEON8-951/+1121
2020-08-07[graphics] ensure cross-platform 120fps in pong demomottelet1-6/+15
2020-08-07* Bug 12719 fixed: now A(%s) raises an invalid index errormottelet3-1/+21
2020-08-07* Bug 16151 fixed: now isequal(1:$, 2:$) returns %Fmottelet4-0/+49
2020-08-06* Bug 16498 fixed: now remove all rows/cols of Sparsebool yields empty sparsemottelet3-25/+48
2020-08-06* Bug 16474 fixed: imult(%z) crashed Scilab (6.0 regression)mottelet3-15/+30
2020-08-06* Bug 16522 fixed: bitget(x,pos) and bitset(..) with pos as encoded integerSamuel GOUGEON4-1/+31
2020-07-30helptools: fix memleak after c8073d50Clément DAVID3-30/+54
2020-07-30[doc] Revision of fileio help pages (Russian).Stanislav KROTER10-21/+381
2020-07-29* [doc] Bugs 8523 12429 13763 14208 16214 fixedSamuel GOUGEON17-542/+205
2020-07-28fix build f2cAdeline CARNIS1-1/+1
2020-07-24* Bug 16458 fixed: enable mean() for sparseSamuel GOUGEON6-140/+469
2020-07-24ui_data: fix windows build after 9301e166Clément DAVID1-1/+7
2020-07-23fix build with gcc 10Clément DAVID12-30/+53
2020-07-23* Bug 13593 fixed: csvRead() with range & headerSamuel GOUGEON3-22/+60
2020-07-23* Bug 8378 fixed: `Datatip Menu => Delete last datatip` was useless.Samuel GOUGEON2-23/+2
2020-07-20* Bug 15280 fixed: gsort(hypermat, dim>2, ..) enabledSamuel GOUGEON7-148/+457
2020-07-20Some fr_FR messages fixedSamuel GOUGEON1-9/+7
2020-07-20* Bugs 10476 12516 12532 fixed: browsevar() edits/views more vars contentSamuel GOUGEON12-62/+375
2020-07-17Bump version numbers to 6.2.0Clément DAVID111-442/+442
2020-07-17Merge origin/6.1 into masterClément DAVID356-7741/+11956