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2015-08-28add "CLI SHELL MODE" in all tests that do not have :Antoine ELIAS1347-4450/+4222
2015-08-28boolean display fixedCedric Delamarre4-28/+73
2015-08-27insertion fixed when error occured.Cedric Delamarre2-15/+56
2015-08-27AST tests: extract graphics dependant testsClément DAVID8-31/+62
2015-08-27* Bug #14093 fixed - atanh returns NaN for values with an absolute value grea...Cedric Delamarre4-10/+86
2015-08-27disp(macro) fixedCedric Delamarre1-1/+10
2015-08-27c{} (with c a cell) make Scilab crashe.Charlotte HECQUET3-0/+26
2015-08-27PASS test_run('scicos', [], 'mode_nwni')Clément DAVID3-0/+167
2015-08-27Scilab crashes with: c{}=1 (with c is a cell).Charlotte HECQUET3-2/+11
2015-08-27memory leaks in hdf5 moduleCedric Delamarre17-120/+277
2015-08-27* Bug #14057 fixed - grand(m,n) returned a wrong error and grand(m,n,p) calle...Adeline CARNIS4-12/+60
2015-08-27callOnPrompt use StoreCommandAntoine ELIAS2-6/+7
2015-08-27Update cell help page.Charlotte HECQUET4-113/+167
2015-08-27Update functions and help pages with new cell format.Charlotte HECQUET17-164/+101
2015-08-27iscell() help pages updated.Charlotte HECQUET5-10/+10
2015-08-27Update cellstr, num2cell and cell2mat (+ help pages).Charlotte HECQUET5-29/+21
2015-08-27more information added to error message in macro callCedric Delamarre1-4/+5
2015-08-27test_run flag JVM NOT MANDATORY become deprecatedAntoine ELIAS363-367/+404
2015-08-27fix mexlib mexEvalString testAntoine ELIAS1-213/+10
2015-08-26MacOS X: fix runtime library loading ('function proposed to the engine is the...Francois GRANADE4-8/+8
2015-08-26Typo in messageFrancois GRANADE1-2/+2
2015-08-26MacOS X: fix .dylib detection after fc90b8ccClément DAVID4-1240/+1969
2015-08-25execstr fixed about third argument.Cedric Delamarre1-1/+6
2015-08-25exception fixed when insertion call an overload.Cedric Delamarre2-1/+7
2015-08-25AST: fix mismatched use of malloc/new/new[] versus free/delete/delete[]Clément DAVID2-5/+5
2015-08-25ast, elementary_functions, string, fileio, output_stream memory leaksAntoine ELIAS40-278/+465
2015-08-25add a class to store dlamch constantAntoine ELIAS48-120/+403
2015-08-25test_run: add an "mode_nwni_profiling" parameterClément DAVID3-5/+33
2015-08-24ast memory leaksAntoine ELIAS66-22/+124
2015-08-24matplot color fixedCedric Delamarre1-18/+64
2015-08-24Windows compilation fixed.Cedric Delamarre2-52/+52
2015-08-21unintialize value fixed and std::atomic used in RunnerCedric Delamarre3-30/+22
2015-08-21Xcos log: avoid ambiguous definitionClément DAVID2-22/+11
2015-08-21* Bug #14095 fixed - Scilab crashed when a .fig file was loaded with loadmatf...Charlotte HECQUET5-2/+39
2015-08-21Xcos JNI: add getObjectProperty(..., bool)Clément DAVID4-42/+117
2015-08-20Xcos MVC: add a default explorer viewClément DAVID24-230/+1311
2015-08-20Xcos scopes: fix the error reporting on NWNI modeClément DAVID10-87/+44
2015-08-20* Bug #14040 fixed - graphic property setting fails when using array of handlesCedric Delamarre4-8/+64
2015-08-19* Bug #13944 fixed - The menu "Toolboxes" was missing.Samuel Gougeon1-0/+2
2015-08-19Compilation: upgrade swig generated files to swig-3.0.7Clément DAVID73-730/+1019
2015-08-19restoring the Toolboxes menu for not autoloaded contrib/ toolboxes. http://bu...Samuel Gougeon3-2/+25
2015-08-19* Bug #14058 fixed - Scilab crashed with 'file("close", file())' instructionCharlotte HECQUET5-4/+59
2015-08-19Xcos MVC: fix default 'wpar' propertyPaul Bignier7-44/+66
2015-08-19Types: fix fieldnames for Scicos objectsPaul Bignier5-70/+85
2015-08-18Typo fix: varaible -> variablePaul Bignier9-23/+22
2015-08-18Scicos tests: fix getfield to mind Annotations and LinksPaul Bignier2-16/+107
2015-08-18Xcos MVC: allow to pass the properties in any orderPaul Bignier3-20/+248
2015-08-18mclose("all") showed a warning when it was executed in scinotes.Charlotte HECQUET3-4/+31
2015-08-18* Bug #14036 fixed - tag and user_data properties were not displayed and not ...Charlotte HECQUET6-460/+83
2015-08-18* Bug #13843 fixed - Scilab crashed when polarplot and plot2d were called wit...Charlotte HECQUET4-14/+70