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2010-05-21Xcos: demosClément DAVID5-10/+5
2010-05-21Xcos: improve scicos decodingClément DAVID1-1/+7
2010-05-21Fix dependencies :Bruno JOFRET11-71/+98
2010-05-21Xcos: fix a StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when using empty string on a text...Clément DAVID1-13/+14
2010-05-21CompileAsManaged ref removed in VS 2010Allan CORNET25-98/+98
2010-05-20remove warnings about VCWebServiceProxyGeneratorTool and Detect64BitPortabili...Allan CORNET125-1857/+955
2010-05-20Factorize codePierre MARECHAL1-35/+34
2010-05-20ATOMS GUI: Display the release date of the watched module.Pierre MARECHAL4-7/+35
2010-05-20ATOMS GUI: bug 6976 fixed - Webpages URLs linked with a module were missing f...Pierre MARECHAL5-7/+77
2010-05-20moved ScilabInterpreterManagement and related Classes into action_bindingAllan SIMON45-188/+1040
2010-05-20Bug 3937 fixedVincent COUVERT3-5/+41
2010-05-20When the GUI is disable, also disable the demo toolsSylvestre Ledru1-1/+1
2010-05-20Xcos: remove ummappable character warningsClément DAVID2-2/+2
2010-05-20Bug 4362 fixed:Vincent COUVERT20-105/+109
2010-05-20more infos in error messageAllan CORNET1-5/+18
2010-05-20we force definition of common used by f2c (remove error with vs 2010 express)Allan CORNET37-428/+179
2010-05-20extract symbols (auto)Allan CORNET3-9/+6
2010-05-20Bug fix for #7138Bernard HUGUENEY3-10/+60
2010-05-19Xcos: correct loading of rotated blocksClément DAVID2-0/+11
2010-05-19Bug 5216 fiex: URLs are now active in uicontrol of style "text". Used in ATOM...Vincent COUVERT3-9/+142
2010-05-19* Option --enable-compilation-tests added to the configure. With this option,Sylvestre Ledru78-208/+960
2010-05-19includeAntRuntime added to the javac target. Removes some warnings on more re...Sylvestre Ledru1-0/+1
2010-05-19Only launch the test when availableSylvestre Ledru1-2/+9
2010-05-19Add a validate target called by test. By default, it does nothing but it can ...Sylvestre Ledru2-14/+5
2010-05-19bug 6977 fixed: ATOMS GUI: In the presentation frame, URLs and emails were no...Pierre MARECHAL3-0/+79
2010-05-19bug 3796 fix: pb with tf2ssSerge Steer4-64/+163
2010-05-19Customized datatips added + help revisitedSerge Steer7-200/+646
2010-05-19 to fix a problem introduced in 6829 bug fixSerge Steer1-7/+7
2010-05-19Catch the exception in case of error + indentationSylvestre Ledru2-2797/+2806
2010-05-19Regenerated Makefile.inSylvestre Ledru2-0/+2
2010-05-19set output directory and intermediate directory values for VS 2010 compatibilityAllan CORNET173-1691/+1507
2010-05-19Since is now equal to the Scilab TMPDIR, use the appropriate f...Sylvestre Ledru3-67/+68
2010-05-19* bug 6893 fixed - Some files +~JF****.tmp where created outside of the ScilabSylvestre Ledru4-205/+219
2010-05-19Bug 6535 fixedVincent COUVERT14-2/+223
2010-05-18fix build windowsAllan CORNET1-1/+2
2010-05-18allow the uicontrol function to be overloadedYann Collette5-9/+78
2010-05-18* ATOMS GUI: When a module is not up-to-date, a warning is displayed on thePierre MARECHAL10-58/+195
2010-05-18* The ATOMS GUI ergonomics has been improved.Pierre MARECHAL11-546/+980
2010-05-18update test bug_4968Allan CORNET2-33/+40
2010-05-18bug 4857 update help file of gsort about complex and overloadingAllan CORNET3-2/+27
2010-05-18bug 4841 already fixed since 5.1.1Allan CORNET3-0/+53
2010-05-18bug 7123 no completion was possible if the name of variable is preceded by ~ ...Allan CORNET4-3/+106
2010-05-18* Introduce org.scilab.modules.jvm.utils.ScilabConstants to allow access from...Sylvestre Ledru11-48/+88
2010-05-18add non regression test about bug 6485 fixedAllan CORNET1-0/+22
2010-05-18bug 7109 add non regression testAllan CORNET3-0/+50
2010-05-17Fix a parenthesis issueSylvestre Ledru3-11/+257
2010-05-17Split jhdf5 jar/jni detection under MacOsXBruno JOFRET3-12/+16
2010-05-17bug 5588 fixSerge Steer10-26/+182
2010-05-17bug 7042 fixed: Insertion of an empty matrix into a struct (to remove a row o...Serge Steer5-28/+183
2010-05-17remove a Warning MSB8012 (VC 2010)Allan CORNET3-19/+23