path: root/scilab/modules/xcos/
AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2010-03-24Xcos: adding xml and xsd files into binary packagesClément DAVID1-1/+5
2010-03-11Adding the new xcos icon filesClément DAVID1-66/+69
2009-12-09Homogenize Editor and Xcos toolbar iconsVincent COUVERT1-1/+2
2009-12-08Add DEBUG_SCICOS block image for palettesVincent COUVERT1-0/+1
2009-12-02Bug 5528 fixedVincent COUVERT1-0/+2
2009-11-25linux compilationAntoine ELIAS1-5/+8
2009-11-13Merged.Sylvestre Ledru1-1/+2
2009-11-06Add closeXcos functionVincent COUVERT1-1/+2
2009-11-04Regenerate for xcos and fix a problem in the Makefile.amSylvestre Ledru1-1/+1
2009-11-04Some xcos block image files added to Makefile.amVincent Liard1-7/+14
2009-11-02XCOS: make install SCI/modules/xcos/etc/xcosConfiguration.xmlPierre MARECHAL1-1/+2
2009-11-01Add buttons to toolbar (Demos+Atoms)Vincent COUVERT1-0/+2
2009-10-30warnBlockByUID functionVincent COUVERT1-1/+2
2009-10-28Xcos : Make install: update the images listPierre MARECHAL1-140/+1
2009-10-28XCOS: Make install: Add some missing imagesPierre MARECHAL1-0/+38
2009-10-27XCOS: Make install: Update blocks and images listPierre MARECHAL1-133/+315
2009-10-26update makefileAllan CORNET1-1/+1
2009-10-26bug 5005Allan CORNET1-1/+3
2009-10-23Add missing Giws filesVincent COUVERT1-1/+2
2009-10-23Merge branch 'master' of /home/sylvestre/dev/inria/scilab.git//Sylvestre Ledru1-2/+3
2009-10-22No longer install all headers. See SEP #35Sylvestre Ledru1-6/+0
2009-10-22Add stylesheet for installBruno JOFRET1-2/+3
2009-10-21add images in binary versionAllan CORNET1-0/+189
2009-10-20Bad path to giws filesSylvestre Ledru1-2/+2
2009-10-13Merged.Sylvestre Ledru1-2/+3
2009-10-13Do not build this module if --without-hdf5 is setSylvestre Ledru1-0/+2
2009-10-13Remove gateway compilationBruno JOFRET1-2/+1
2009-10-12Some files moved from a module to an otherSylvestre Ledru1-4/+3
2009-10-12Add function setBlockTextValueVincent COUVERT1-2/+5
2009-09-29Add xcosNotifyVincent COUVERT1-3/+7
2009-08-06Xcos call from ScilabBruno JOFRET1-3/+7
2009-07-28build on linuxAllan CORNET1-1/+1
2009-07-28xcos moduleAllan CORNET1-0/+100