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2010-03-30Fix testsPierre MARECHAL4-0/+5
2010-01-11Fix bug 6400: Msecs was not correctly handled in datevec/datenum functionsPierre MARECHAL2-0/+41
2009-09-25force initialization timer + move testAllan CORNET2-0/+22
2009-09-25add non regression testAllan CORNET2-0/+38
2009-02-09bug 1628Allan CORNET1-0/+41
2009-01-09Update tests with the new tag : <-- JVM NOT MANDATORY -->Pierre MARECHAL30-0/+45
2009-01-09Just an update of the commentsPierre MARECHAL9-42/+55
2008-09-10force the english language for these testsPierre Marechal4-18/+38
2008-05-22localization time module + update tst & refAllan Cornet2-6/+8
2008-04-14Add referencesPierre Marechal2-14/+14
2008-04-10Update bugzilla URLPierre Marechal18-18/+18
2008-03-11Fix bug 2786Pierre Marechal2-0/+35
2008-02-18Update the referencePierre Marechal1-14/+14
2008-02-17Add license header (tests)Pierre Marechal25-84/+169
2008-02-08Fix some testsPierre Marechal2-2/+2
2008-01-16Improve eomdayPierre Marechal2-0/+35
2008-01-10Add testsPierre Marechal2-0/+46
2008-01-10datenum output has changedPierre Marechal2-2/+2
2008-01-09Add bench of datenum functionPierre Marechal1-0/+16
2008-01-09- Add test for isLeapYear functionPierre Marechal2-0/+25
2008-01-07Adapt testPierre Marechal2-3/+4
2007-12-18Add benchmarks for time modulePierre Marechal10-0/+94
2007-12-03tests reorganization : Pierre Marechal24-0/+678