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2016-09-28modified hooks to remove trailing whitespaces for help filesPierre-Aime AGNEL9-22/+22
2016-07-06Documentation: `See also` is used instead of `See Also`.Clément DAVID6-6/+6
2016-06-28* Bug #14590 fixed - Help pages in pt_BR directories had a wrong xml:lang="en...Clément DAVID3-3/+3
2016-04-07Help pages: members part ode roots printf sprintf iconvert xlabel consolebox:...Samuel GOUGEON4-4/+11
2016-03-08Use simply 'Syntax' for function synopsis in the help...Francois Granade5-5/+5
2016-02-02License Header change: Removed the LICENSE_END before betaPierre-Aime Agnel18-18/+0
2016-01-27GPL + CeCILL Header changePierre-Aime Agnel18-90/+162
2015-10-21* Bug #14203 fixed - Improve some error messages, some help pages and some co...Charlotte HECQUET1-1/+1
2014-07-10Add id for sprintf (fix warning will compiling ja_JP documentation)Vincent COUVERT1-0/+3
2014-04-29Remove empty lines in XML files after recent commitsVincent COUVERT2-4/+0
2014-03-03Help: fix invalid xml files in ja_JPCalixte DENIZET1-1/+1
2014-02-27Typo fixesPaul Bignier3-13/+13
2014-02-19Bug 12826 fixed: Missing <warning> and <note> in help pagesCalixte DENIZET2-4/+8
2013-11-08Convert files to use UNIX delimitersPaul BIGNIER1-11/+11
2013-09-02scanf/printf_conversion documentation corrected.Cedric Delamarre3-20/+20
2013-08-27Also update the URL to the CeCILL license. Thanks to Paul for noticing thatSylvestre Ledru18-18/+18
2013-05-23* Bug #6466 fixed - Example with vectorized input added in help pages of mpri...Charlotte HECQUET2-0/+4
2013-05-17Help: fix few issuesCalixte DENIZET1-0/+3
2012-10-22Get rid of useless spaces for refname and refpurposeSylvestre Ledru2-2/+2
2012-08-30* Get ride of the useless tagSylvestre Ledru15-15/+15
2012-08-21- Elementary functions better organization. See bug #11723.Sylvestre Ledru2-490/+0
2012-08-21* Reorganisation of the cacsd help pageSylvestre Ledru3-219/+0
2012-08-12Indent all the XML files to the same waySylvestre Ledru20-2271/+2271
2012-07-23Fix typos in messages, comments and docs.Yuri Chornoivan2-2/+2
2012-07-03Get ride of the useless pubdate tag.Sylvestre Ledru20-458/+529
2012-02-29Improve the look of the prettyprint help functionSylvestre Ledru2-19/+19
2012-02-27Traduction of the elementary function help pages into russianStanislav KROTER1-0/+11
2012-02-14Remove all the authors from the documentation. This has been done for the fol...Sylvestre Ledru15-674/+635
2012-01-19Bug #10506 fixed - ssprint did not check input arguments. + help updateAllan CORNET3-21/+55
2011-12-08Link to printf_conversionSylvestre Ledru2-51/+17
2011-12-07Fix many common typosSylvestre Ledru1-1/+1
2011-10-13printf, sprintf moved as alias on mprintf and msprintfAllan CORNET12-811/+61
2011-06-24* Bug 9417 fixed - In English, api_scilab polynom help pages updated to the wordSylvestre Ledru1-1/+1
2011-03-07Merge remote branch 'origin/5.3'Sylvestre Ledru13-161/+1448
2011-03-04bug 4833 fixed - msprintf() interpreted '\n' as a carriage return even if '\n...Allan CORNET1-1/+1
2011-02-28Fixed xml for printf_conversion in en_US and pt_BRSamuel Gougeon3-227/+96
2011-02-28Remove windows carriage returnSylvestre Ledru10-1399/+1399
2011-02-27See also for the japanese versionSylvestre Ledru10-8/+8
2011-02-24* Add the japanese localizationRui Hirokawa11-0/+1418
2011-02-03 Add role in the 'see also' section in the help pageSylvestre Ledru13-26/+26
2010-11-05In the documentation, rename Parameters => ArgumentsSylvestre Ledru7-7/+7
2010-06-15Add a link to sci2exp from prettyprint help page since they are similarSylvestre Ledru1-0/+1
2010-05-17bug 5512 about disp (LIFO) help updatedAllan CORNET1-1/+4
2010-05-06bug 5136Allan CORNET1-0/+19
2010-02-08remove obsolete function pol2texAllan CORNET2-14/+0
2009-12-07fix bug 5511 - printf_conversion doc is unclearYann Collette1-143/+271
2009-11-25correct the syntax of the prettyprint help pageYann Collette1-83/+111
2009-11-25add CDATA + cosmeticYann Collette1-3/+2
2009-11-25Help of the prettyprint functionSylvestre Ledru1-0/+114
2009-11-09bug 5258Allan CORNET1-6/+5