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2021-07-15Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/6.1'HEADmasterClément David2-2/+12
2021-06-02* Bug 16601 fixed: libmatio >= 1.5.18 was not supportedmottelet1-2/+10
2021-05-03allow unsafe string for ocaml 8.06 and moreCedric Delamarre1-0/+2
2021-03-17Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/6.1'Clément David4-166/+168
2021-02-22linux: configure did detect the deprecated javah binaryClément DAVID1-1/+0
2021-02-22Update autotools to the latest.Clément DAVID1-0/+1
2021-02-22Happy new year 2021! Keep safe and healthy.Clément DAVID1-1/+1
2021-02-18* Bug 13985 fixed: lists are nicely displayedSamuel GOUGEON2-164/+166
2020-07-17Bump version numbers to 6.2.0Clément DAVID1-4/+4
2020-02-26change version to 6.1.1Antoine ELIAS1-4/+4
2020-02-24localization: refresh po files from source codeClément DAVID10-34/+46
2020-02-21localization: import from launchpadClément DAVID9-268/+87
2020-02-20update rc files to 6.1.0Antoine ELIAS1-4/+4
2020-02-18localization: refresh localizationClément DAVID1-1/+1
2020-02-17[doc] misc. fix & small improvementsSamuel GOUGEON3-3/+3
2020-02-08fix deprecated msvc option /GmAntoine ELIAS1-2/+0
2020-01-30[matio] savematfile.tst rewritten to be extensiveSamuel GOUGEON2-441/+280
2020-01-16update files for 2020Cedric Delamarre1-1/+1
2020-01-15[ast] allow _iRetCount == 0 in gatewaysStéphane Mottelet5-5/+5
2020-01-14localization: update POT from source codeClément DAVID10-24/+243
2019-12-09* Bugs 15680 16242 16271 fixed: loadmatfile() improvedSamuel GOUGEON11-238/+2988
2019-10-18Linux: enforce a c++17 compiler usageClément DAVID1-2/+2
2019-10-04Linux: update to automake 1.16.1Clément DAVID1-45/+127
2019-06-12[sparse] now sparse([]) is sparseStéphane Mottelet2-4/+4
2019-04-05Fix OSX compilation problemsStéphane MOTTELET1-0/+1
2019-02-15Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/6.0'Antoine ELIAS11-167/+509
2019-02-13localization: update POT and dispatch PO filesSamuel GOUGEON10-165/+507
2019-02-12update version to 6.0.2Antoine ELIAS1-2/+2
2019-02-11merge origin/6.0 into masterClément DAVID5-236/+358
2019-02-09Revert "localization: update POT and dispatch PO files"Antoine ELIAS10-552/+173
2019-02-07[matio] fix tests.Adeline CARNIS1-1/+0
2019-01-23localization: update POT and dispatch PO filesClement DAVID10-173/+552
2019-01-16Update for 2019Clément DAVID1-1/+1
2019-01-16* Bug 15600 fixed: savematfile(File) was unstable and stiffSamuel GOUGEON3-234/+357
2018-11-20Merge origin/6.0 into masterClement DAVID6-203/+689
2018-11-15[doc] matio pages improvedSamuel GOUGEON6-203/+689
2018-10-22Merge origin/6.0 into masterClement DAVID8-0/+578
2018-10-19move matfile2sci() [m2sci] => [matio]Samuel GOUGEON8-0/+578
2018-10-04Linux: fix ./configure after de401018Clément DAVID1-3/+2
2018-10-03Linux: re-update to automake 1.15.1 after the mergeClement DAVID1-2/+3
2018-09-19Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/6.0'Antoine ELIAS12-170/+156
2018-08-09[bug_15485] savematfile fixedCedric Delamarre7-116/+91
2018-08-08memory leak fixedCedric Delamarre5-48/+65
2018-07-30Merge 6.0 into masterClément DAVID8-161/+286
2018-07-30* Bugs 6434 13522 fixed : + NRTSamuel GOUGEON1-0/+72
2018-07-30Linux: update to automake 1.15.1Clément DAVID1-2/+2
2018-07-27update iss files and Makefiles after 65d09c1Antoine ELIAS2-2/+0
2018-07-26* Bug 13632 fixed: savematfile() page fixed and improvedSamuel GOUGEON2-158/+188
2018-07-20Bug 10171 fixed : trouble while importing matlab cellsAntoine ELIAS3-1/+26
2018-06-27CoverityFix-CID:1367345 Unchecked return valueNimish Kapoor1-1/+8