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2021-07-15Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/6.1'HEADmasterClément David160-1894/+7889
2021-06-01[core] make getversion() aware of arm64 architecturemottelet1-10/+27
2021-05-28* Bugs 16438 16685: asciimat(text) fixed + various lengths + UTF8Samuel GOUGEON1-1/+1
2021-05-26add function to get scilab version as string and revisionAntoine ELIAS2-1/+25
2021-05-03allow unsafe string for ocaml 8.06 and moreCedric Delamarre1-0/+2
2021-05-03%chars: missing gamma. More chars. %chars in scinotesSamuel GOUGEON3-9/+15
2021-04-30core: remove getwd alias for getcwdClément DAVID3-12/+3
2021-04-28[doc][core] Unfold synopses (end, after d9e34a)Samuel GOUGEON85-629/+1262
2021-04-27[core] leave file open when calling hash with file argumentmottelet1-2/+2
2021-04-27* Bug 16284 fixed: typename() updated for Scilab 6 (11 'm', 'mc'=>'function')Samuel GOUGEON1-11/+11
2021-04-27core: set SCI_VERSION_REVISION and SCI_VERSION_TIMESTAMP with default valuesClément David2-6/+8
2021-04-02[doc] mv ru_RU/library.xml into [core] after 23e5595Samuel GOUGEON1-0/+325
2021-04-02[core] allow scilab to use more secure hash functionsmottelet28-607/+2877
2021-04-01* Bug #14397 fixed - mgeti did not read u-int64 > 2^52Samuel GOUGEON1-413/+413
2021-04-01[doc] misc fix & improvementsSamuel GOUGEON11-67/+140
2021-03-31* Bug 16639 fixed: atomsInstall & atomsRemove now update Toolboxes menuSamuel GOUGEON1-5/+4
2021-03-31debugger: deadlock in the java EDT due to the debug mode fixedCedric Delamarre3-6/+19
2021-03-26create java user configuration at first start even in MW modeAntoine ELIAS1-1/+4
2021-03-25* Bug 14098 [doc]: genlib() and library pages updated for Scilab 6Samuel GOUGEON3-221/+265
2021-03-24* Bug 13855 fixed [doc]: pause() page updated & improvedSamuel GOUGEON5-125/+387
2021-03-17[doc] mv strings rationals functions library descriptions => core/types sectionSamuel GOUGEON17-0/+2331
2021-03-17Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/6.1'Clément David19-804/+376
2021-02-22linux: configure did detect the deprecated javah binaryClément DAVID1-1/+0
2021-02-22Update autotools to the latest.Clément DAVID2-5/+9
2021-02-22Happy new year 2021! Keep safe and healthy.Clément DAVID1-1/+1
2021-02-18* Bug 13985 fixed: lists are nicely displayedSamuel GOUGEON7-767/+23
2021-01-21* Bug 9221: %chars constant added (selected sets of unicode symbols)Samuel GOUGEON3-0/+317
2020-12-09add C interface on static_runner new functionAntoine ELIAS2-0/+6
2020-12-08debugger: manual pause addedCedric Delamarre2-0/+7
2020-11-03reset debugger aborted flagCedric Delamarre1-0/+1
2020-09-02tostring fixed with format(2)Cedric Delamarre2-0/+7
2020-08-13* Bug 14718 fixed [doc]: user() was still documentedSamuel GOUGEON2-30/+5
2020-07-17Bump version numbers to 6.2.0Clément DAVID2-8/+8
2020-07-15[doc] misc. improvementsSamuel GOUGEON2-22/+25
2020-07-15* Bug 16450 fixed: [double, integer] & [double ; integer] implementedSamuel GOUGEON3-44/+573
2020-06-12* Bug 16358 fixed: isdef([],..) yielded an errorSamuel GOUGEON4-77/+48
2020-06-12[doc] misc. typos & improvementsSamuel GOUGEON5-0/+15
2020-06-11[doc] Translation of help page for getscilabkeywords into Russian.Stanislav KROTER1-0/+57
2020-06-01* bug 16280 fixed: allow users to use mode() inside a macro.Cedric Delamarre2-3/+3
2020-05-25[doc] Misc. small improvementsSamuel GOUGEON5-8/+25
2020-04-17[doc] Unfold synopses [core](continue)Samuel GOUGEON36-117/+171
2020-03-18update branch information to 6.1Clément DAVID2-6/+6
2020-02-26change version to 6.1.1Antoine ELIAS1-1/+1
2020-02-24localization: refresh po files from source codeClément DAVID14-205/+160
2020-02-23[doc] useless LaTeX removed (continue)Samuel GOUGEON5-10/+26
2020-02-23* Bug 15643 fixed [doc]: The signed zero was not documentedSamuel GOUGEON3-3/+21
2020-02-21localization: import from launchpadClément DAVID13-930/+272
2020-02-21[doc] getmemory() page improvedSamuel GOUGEON4-29/+109
2020-02-21Toolboxes menu: case-insensitive sortingSamuel GOUGEON1-1/+2
2020-02-21[core] getmemory('') error refered to funcprotSamuel GOUGEON1-2/+2