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2008-07-07atoms_cc/ support '<=' and '=' operators for dependencies ↵Simon Lipp1-9/+16
2008-07-07atoms_cc/ make it more reliable on windows (bsdtar ↵Simon Lipp1-30/+43
compatibility, don't rely on closed stdin to avoid scilab interaction)
2008-07-04get hardly working on WindowsSimon Lipp1-35/+68
2008-07-02atoms_cc/buildtoolbox.sce: also include loader.sce in generated archiveSimon Lipp1-1/+1
2008-07-02atoms_cc/ Lipp1-24/+59
* typos, cosmetics * describe number of arguments for each functions in comments * common_exec: consider a non-empty stderr as an error * common_leave_stage doesn't take an argument * stage_tbdeps: fix incompatibility introduced in r25602 * stage_build: more logs * first implementation of stage_pack This is the first version of the script producing an archive. Hallelujah !
2008-07-02atoms_cc/ Lipp1-18/+82
* check_tree now based on contrib/toolbox_skeleton.sce and not wiki page, which is outdated * check_tree: better check of help/ subtree * implement build stage * open logfile earlier, to allow usage of common_die before any stage
2008-06-30atoms_cc/ fix bug in dependencies checkSimon Lipp1-1/+1
2008-06-27atoms_cc/ Lipp1-2/+126
* print log in stdout too * close stdin to prevent subprocess to wait for user input forever (see also bug#3182) * add ScilabVersion to required field in DESCRIPTION files * implement unpack and tbdeps stages
2008-06-26atoms_cc/ cosmetics + get it working on windows (if it looks ↵Simon Lipp1-9/+11
like hacks, sounds like hacks and smells like hacks, then it's hacks...)
2008-06-26atoms_cc/buildtoolbox:Simon Lipp1-33/+201
* add logging functions (common_log, common_enter_stage, common_leave_stage, common_die, common_exec) * check DESCRIPTION-FUNCTIONS file * 'check' stage (hopefully) done... have to check on windows, though :(
2008-06-26atoms_cc/ make check_tree more maintainable (arguably easier ↵Simon Lipp1-60/+33
to read)
2008-06-26atoms_cc/ check_tree doneSimon Lipp1-3/+92
2008-06-25atoms_cc/ Lipp1-44/+36
* correct usage (see wiki:atoms_cc) * get_tree* returns a hash (easier to use, said Pierre) * no \n in filenames * get check_tree working (not finished)
2008-06-25First version: checks DESCRIPTION file.Simon Lipp1-0/+195