AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2021-03-17Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/6.1'Clément David1164-19174/+14464
2021-03-17[dynamic_link] fix ilib_gen_Make_unix regression after fb164e7mottelet1-1/+2
2021-03-17fix xlfont to correctly manage 3rd parameter when it is called with 4 inputsAntoine ELIAS3-8/+25
2021-03-17* Bug 16596 : [int , sparse] and [int ; sparse] now possibleSamuel GOUGEON6-4/+71
2021-03-17[doc] triu & tril => Matrix - shaping sectionSamuel GOUGEON10-0/+0
2021-03-17* Bug 16629 fixed: interp1() fixed + complex + extended extrapolationsSamuel GOUGEON13-875/+1587
2021-03-16== and <> with void implementedSamuel GOUGEON102-2143/+1303
2021-03-08* Bug 16654 fixed: interp1 was leaking memoryAntoine ELIAS2-0/+13
2021-03-08debugger fixed when stop an execution running inside pauseCedric Delamarre1-2/+12
2021-03-03callstack generation fixedCedric Delamarre1-1/+1
2021-03-03reset error flag after abort an executionCedric Delamarre1-1/+3
2021-02-22linux: configure did detect the deprecated javah binaryClément DAVID85-243/+61
2021-02-22Update autotools to the latest.Clément DAVID86-74/+172
2021-02-22breakpoint add, update, remove method addedCedric Delamarre2-22/+62
2021-02-22Happy new year 2021! Keep safe and healthy.Clément DAVID112-120/+120
2021-02-18[atoms] atoms* listings in consoleSamuel GOUGEON5-17/+44
2021-02-18* Bug 16622 fixed: inv() now overloadable for hypermat of doublesSamuel GOUGEON2-3/+16
2021-02-18[atoms] add http_get as a failsafe downloading methodmottelet3-12/+49
2021-02-18* Bug 13985 fixed: lists are nicely displayedSamuel GOUGEON186-3692/+1498
2021-02-18* Bug 16357 fixed - Xcos context no longer handled exec()Clement David3-28/+69
2021-02-18[sparse] insertion with negativ or null index fixedCedric Delamarre4-96/+57
2021-02-18* Bug 16644 fixed: input('Message:') wrong mprintf error messageSamuel GOUGEON2-1/+2
2021-02-12demo_gui() fixed for some Linux (w/o copyfile)Samuel GOUGEON1-1/+1
2021-01-21[dynamic_link] prevent reconfigure for same compilation flagsmottelet1-12/+20
2021-01-21* Bug 16623 fixed: now rand(2,2,2)^2 triggers the %s_p_s overloadmottelet3-1/+21
2021-01-21* Bug 9221: %chars constant added (selected sets of unicode symbols)Samuel GOUGEON6-26/+349
2020-12-30Disabling the [parallel] moduleSamuel GOUGEON2-3/+3
2020-12-22* Bug 16407 fixed: now Fec rendering is correctStéphane Mottelet3-0/+44
2020-12-22* Bug 16559 fixed: size(A,'*') was 0 for A = speye(2^16,2^16)mottelet4-1/+88
2020-12-22* Bug 7117 fixed: now findobj() can search within given objectStéphane MOTTELET5-166/+196
2020-12-22Fix typo produces -> producedGhislain Antony Vaillant2-4/+4
2020-12-14extraction on implicit list fixed.Cedric Delamarre8-45/+229
2020-12-10debugger: reset requested pause flag when abortCedric Delamarre1-0/+3
2020-12-09add C interface on static_runner new functionAntoine ELIAS2-0/+6
2020-12-08debugger: manual pause addedCedric Delamarre5-2/+33
2020-12-02allow breakpoints in graphic callbacks bisCedric Delamarre1-1/+13
2020-11-24allow breapoints in graphic callbacksCedric Delamarre3-1/+19
2020-11-23debugger fixed, where entry have not always a file name.Cedric Delamarre1-1/+6
2020-11-23callstack fixed, wrong file listedCedric Delamarre6-42/+47
2020-11-10Breakpoints conditionCedric Delamarre3-13/+56
2020-11-03reset debugger aborted flagCedric Delamarre1-0/+1
2020-10-27macr2tree, tree2code: matrix cell exp.Cedric Delamarre5-44/+114
2020-10-27insertion in container with ref > 1 fixedCedric Delamarre4-436/+73
2020-10-19* Bug 16508: csvTextScan did not handle well complex data.Adeline CARNIS5-53/+132
2020-10-16* Bug 16362 fixed: now sparse([]) can be concatenatedmottelet3-4/+36
2020-10-15* Bug 16488 fixed: [,;] of (bool,double) with sparseSamuel GOUGEON14-4/+206
2020-10-15improve a little bit the bool2s speed.Cedric Delamarre1-2/+4
2020-10-15coverage: various bug fixes and simpler usageClément DAVID6-28/+166
2020-10-15gsort_multilevel: special degenerate case fixedSamuel GOUGEON3-10/+13
2020-10-15[gui] move objects => 2D view only (after 4ee6c47)Samuel GOUGEON1-1/+1