AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2015-12-01Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into newsfeednewsfeedAntoine ELIAS157-828/+535
2015-12-01* Apache xmlgraphics stack upgraded to the latest versions :Clément DAVID10-40/+35
2015-12-01Xcos java tests: update them for Xcos6Clément DAVID12-623/+222
2015-12-01Xcos help: re-generate imagesClément DAVID111-0/+0
2015-12-01Xcos: reduce the lag at the first DnDClément DAVID1-0/+19
2015-11-30Xcos: restore diagrams rendering on help pagesClément DAVID1-7/+3
2015-11-30Xcos GUI: enable Compile actionPaul Bignier2-57/+93
2015-11-30Xcos files load: reduce the callstack and be backward compatibleClément DAVID5-57/+83
2015-11-30Help: fix the build after a9d9f4a46c2e299261cf8caa1e002a13a0cd2b04Clément DAVID1-1/+0
2015-11-27* Bug #13298 fixed - Static analysis bugs detected by PVS-Studio fixedPaul Bignier9-20/+11
2015-11-27Better help for (sg)et[default]language functionsFrancois Granade4-15/+18
2015-11-27[bug_14041] genlib fixed about locked file by another programCedric Delamarre3-0/+43
2015-11-27Configure: fix the arpack third-party detectionClément DAVID2-8/+8
2015-11-27update version name to newsfeedAntoine ELIAS2-6/+6
2015-11-27Scilab news feed -- re-committed into its own branch, to make specific builds.Simon Marchetto19-3/+1234
2015-11-27Xcos MVC: use std::atomic to be thread safeClément DAVID2-45/+131
2015-11-27Xcos GUI: avoid a ClassCastException when something goes wrongClément DAVID1-2/+1
2015-11-25error displaying.Cedric Delamarre5-39/+34
2015-11-25Scicos gateways: fix memory leaksPaul Bignier1-0/+7
2015-11-25* Bug #14178 fixed - tcl/tk unavailability on MacOS is now documented.Charlotte HECQUET3-2/+21
2015-11-25bug 13986: setdefaultlanguage does not set value correctly in Windows registryAntoine ELIAS4-4/+126
2015-11-24* Bug #14181 fixed - Calling intg (or integrate) in a function that is being ...Paul Bignier5-5/+66
2015-11-24warning about redefinition of macro must be show only on same scopeAntoine ELIAS8-88/+151
2015-11-20Xcos refactoring: move link classesClément DAVID8-18/+15
2015-11-20Xcos GUI: fix create a link from another linkClément DAVID1-6/+6
2015-11-20Xcos decoding: manage mixed xcos filesClément DAVID1-1/+7
2015-11-20Xcos vec2var: fix String and TList / MListClément DAVID2-29/+39
2015-11-20Xcos writer: fix an issue on List decodingClément DAVID1-1/+4
2015-11-20Xcos I/O: decode more properties and store themClément DAVID4-26/+80
2015-11-20Xcos writers: fix ScilabString encodingClément DAVID2-13/+19
2015-11-20Xcos writers: sort the childrenClément DAVID2-2/+1
2015-11-20Xcos writers: indent ".xcos" filesClément DAVID4-8/+371
2015-11-20Xcos writers: add the "defaultParent" to the XMLClément DAVID1-3/+7
2015-11-20Xcos decode: load list on xcos filesClément DAVID2-9/+24
2015-11-20Xcos import: returns errors on errorClément DAVID1-0/+2
2015-11-20Xcos: save and load the DEBUG_LEVELClément DAVID4-12/+18
2015-11-20Xcos: launch a simulationClément DAVID9-156/+183
2015-11-19UMFPACK: fix some memory leak on normal caseClément DAVID1-0/+20
2015-11-19segfault fixed when bad SCI environment variable is setted when using call_sc...Cedric Delamarre4-11/+39
2015-11-19[bug_14253] Insertion in a struct contained in a list fixed.Cedric Delamarre6-16/+92
2015-11-18bug 13990: Windows installer does not ship all localization filesAntoine ELIAS4-12/+139
2015-11-18* Bug #14251 fixed - `spec` leaked some memory.Clément DAVID4-0/+45
2015-11-18Xcos MVC: fix 'style' for AnnotationsPaul Bignier2-5/+27
2015-11-17Bug 14257: Fixed English spelling in messages and in commentsYuri Chornoivan17-32/+41
2015-11-16Better error message when error during doc generationFrancois Granade1-2/+2
2015-11-16Configure: reuse the same Java class to check #2Clément DAVID2-45/+45
2015-11-13Configure: reuse the same Java class to checkClément DAVID4-3785/+7719
2015-11-13fix bug on s(f)grayplot after ELIAS2-4/+4
2015-11-11Update localizationClément DAVID878-97533/+72168
2015-11-10FREE(str) when str is NULL crashed Scilab.Adeline CARNIS1-2/+5