BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
5.5* Bug #14524 fixed - Numeric locales were not set to standard "C" by default ...Simon Marchetto6 years
6.0Compilation of scilab 6.0 under OSX MojaveStéphane MOTTELET3 years
6.1remove hack on JSON after fix of fromJSON on \Antoine ELIAS4 months
YaSpadd size in constantvisitorAntoine ELIAS5 years
masterMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/6.1'Clément David14 months
palette-browserPalette browser - fix bug when adding several blocks by ENTERMarcos CARDINOT6 years
slint-cnesfix closure of last <File> in result xml file and add contribution messageAntoine ELIAS7 years
uicontrolupdate start.sceAntoine ELIAS6 years
windowsMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into windowsAntoine ELIAS6 years
xcos-layoutMerge branch 'master' into 'xcos-layout'Clément DAVID6 years
TagDownloadAuthorAge  scilab-6.1.1.tar.gz  Clément David14 months  scilab-6.1.0.tar.gz  Clement David3 years  scilab-6.0.2.tar.gz  Clément DAVID4 years  scilab-6.0.1.tar.gz  Clément DAVID5 years  scilab-6.0.0.tar.gz  Clément DAVID6 years  scilab-6.0.0-beta-2.tar.gz  Clément DAVID6 years  scilab-6.0.0-beta-1.tar.gz  Clément DAVID7 years  scilab-6.0.0-alpha-2.tar.gz  Francois Granade7 years  scilab-6.0.0-alpha-1.tar.gz  Francois Granade7 years  scilab-5.5.2.tar.gz  Vincent COUVERT7 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2014-04-11atoms: fix links in fucntion summary5.5.0Simon Marchetto1-12/+12
2014-04-11external_objects_java: fix getting started examples failing on WinodwsSimon Marchetto1-2/+2
2014-04-11external_objects_java: fix example does not work on installed versionSimon Marchetto1-1/+1
2014-04-11create and delete a fake directory before creating .atoms directoryAntoine ELIAS1-0/+2
2014-04-11Fix missing error message stringBruno JOFRET1-1/+1
2014-04-10loadGui : allow to use Xinclude node in xml fileAntoine ELIAS1-40/+45
2014-04-10prevents open multiple atomsGuiAntoine ELIAS1-0/+4
2014-04-10Scilab compilation: fix a dynamic link issue.Clément DAVID4-37/+49
2014-04-10Xcos help: fixed the simulation time, resized images, deleted unused links.Vladislav TRUBKIN23-19/+0
2014-04-10Fix linkVincent COUVERT3-3/+3