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29 hoursmlist api functions, global mlist management ( insertion, extraction, ... ), ...YaSprefs/changes/99/10399/32Antoine ELIAS52-1783/+3518
2 daysMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into yasprefs/changes/11/14411/2Antoine ELIAS766-3393/+3256
5 daysatoms: fix links in fucntion summary5.5.0refs/changes/02/14402/2Simon Marchetto1-12/+12
5 daysexternal_objects_java: fix getting started examples failing on Winodwsrefs/changes/01/14401/2Simon Marchetto1-2/+2
5 daysexternal_objects_java: fix example does not work on installed versionrefs/changes/00/14400/2Simon Marchetto1-1/+1
5 dayscreate and delete a fake directory before creating .atoms directoryrefs/changes/99/14399/2Antoine ELIAS1-0/+2
5 daysFix missing error message stringrefs/changes/98/14398/2Bruno JOFRET1-1/+1
6 daysloadGui : allow to use Xinclude node in xml filerefs/changes/95/14395/2Antoine ELIAS1-40/+45
6 daysprevents open multiple atomsGuirefs/changes/94/14394/2Antoine ELIAS1-0/+4
6 daysScilab compilation: fix a dynamic link issue.refs/changes/93/14393/2Clément DAVID4-37/+49
6 daysXcos help: fixed the simulation time, resized images, deleted unused links.refs/changes/52/14352/3Vladislav TRUBKIN23-19/+0
6 daysFix linkrefs/changes/92/14392/1Vincent COUVERT3-3/+3
6 daysXcos help: regenerate imagerefs/changes/87/14387/2Paul Bignier1-0/+0
6 daysAtoms: fixed error message at the console after the closing of atomsGuirefs/changes/84/14384/3Vladislav TRUBKIN2-16/+24
6 daysFix user_data for gda() + add testrefs/changes/85/14385/4Vincent COUVERT3-1/+26
6 daysFix icon researchrefs/changes/90/14390/2Bruno JOFRET1-1/+16
6 daysbetter management of pwd on set of icon propertyrefs/changes/89/14389/1Antoine ELIAS4-9/+75
6 daysdo not use CreateDirectoryW with instl compiler in 32 bitsrefs/changes/88/14388/1Antoine ELIAS4-4/+14
8 daysslider : set value to [] => 0refs/changes/81/14381/1Antoine ELIAS1-1/+6
8 daysedit and label : setminimumsize on scrollpane componentrefs/changes/80/14380/2Antoine ELIAS2-3/+6
8 daysRevert "libsciconsole must be, in any cases for the gui, loaded before the mi...refs/changes/76/14376/2Vincent COUVERT2-4/+1
8 daysXcos blocks palette: update imagesrefs/changes/74/14374/4Clément DAVID226-0/+0
8 daysdemo uicontrol 2: fix textbox sizerefs/changes/75/14375/2Antoine ELIAS1-1/+1
8 dayslibsciconsole must be, in any cases for the gui, loaded before the minimal im...refs/changes/64/14364/2Sylvestre Ledru2-1/+4
8 days* Bug #13310 fixed - Scilab 5.4.1 scg files could not be loaded with current ...refs/changes/66/14366/2Vincent COUVERT4-4/+47
8 daysRemove debug messagesrefs/changes/72/14372/1Vincent COUVERT1-2/+0
8 daysXcos help: "Demonstrations blocks" palette examplesrefs/changes/59/13859/4Paul Bignier8-53/+122
8 daysedit : set string to vector force change max value to min + 2 to allow multil...refs/changes/71/14371/3Antoine ELIAS1-3/+37
8 dayschange default size of atomsGuirefs/changes/70/14370/2Antoine ELIAS3-7/+14
8 daysFix changes after COUVERT1-1/+3
8 daysFix ref after COUVERT1-2/+2
8 daysXcos: Bug #9995 fixed - LOGICAL_OP drawing the parameters over block.refs/changes/65/14365/3Vladislav TRUBKIN8-5/+21
9 daysfftw_flags demo takes too long to computerefs/changes/62/14362/2Pierre-Aime Agnel2-10/+10
9 daysGUI: Re-enable image preview into Xcosrefs/changes/63/14363/1Clément DAVID2-19/+19
9 daysCorrected error when calling fftw_forget_wisdom + documentationrefs/changes/61/14361/2Pierre-Aime Agnel3-16/+18
9 daysfix uicontrol demo renderingrefs/changes/60/14360/2Antoine ELIAS1-6/+6
9 daysMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into YaSprefs/changes/50/14350/4Cedric Delamarre5306-69822/+145565
9 daysFix table uicontrols.refs/changes/59/14359/4Vincent COUVERT2-2/+9
9 daysFix icon for static figuresrefs/changes/58/14358/2Vincent COUVERT1-1/+4
9 daysXcos: updated TKSCALE simulation functionrefs/changes/33/14333/6Vladislav TRUBKIN3-25/+50
9 daysUpdate linkrefs/changes/57/14357/1Vincent COUVERT3-3/+3
9 daysfigure : fix axes_axes changes with resize=%frefs/changes/56/14356/2Antoine ELIAS1-0/+16
9 dayslabel force windows to redraw after label changerefs/changes/53/14353/2Antoine ELIAS1-11/+15
9 daysString tests: fix after commitrefs/changes/55/14355/1Paul Bignier2-2/+2
12 daysTypo fixesrefs/changes/49/14349/2Paul Bignier8-225/+225
12 daysUi_data: replace clf with scfrefs/changes/44/14344/2Paul Bignier1-2/+2
12 daysFix aa artifacts in export and regen all images for docrefs/changes/51/14351/2Calixte DENIZET341-49/+5
12 daysGraphics: allow interactions when axes are in a framerefs/changes/46/14346/2Calixte DENIZET8-25/+41
12 daysfigure : set resize can change frame sizerefs/changes/48/14348/2Antoine ELIAS1-0/+4
12 daysDebug features available through jimsrefs/changes/47/14347/1Bruno JOFRET6-36/+24