AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
4 daysadd a %foo_clear overloading on mlistHEADmasterClément DAVID27-58/+715
6 days* Bugs 15680 16242 16271 fixed: loadmatfile() improvedSamuel GOUGEON12-238/+2995
6 days* Bug 16272 fixed: now spzeros(n,m) is spzeros(0,0) when n*m is 0Stéphane MOTTELET3-2/+28
6 days* Bug 16139 fixed: auread() auwrite() kept sound file locked on errorSamuel GOUGEON3-33/+58
6 days* Bug 16152 fixed: after s=spzeros(2,3), s([]) returns sparse(0,0)Stéphane MOTTELET3-6/+61
6 days[ast] fix string(rational) regression after 0000af49Stéphane MOTTELET1-1/+1
6 days[ast] improve display of (complex) polymomials and rationalsStéphane MOTTELET6-185/+151
6 days* Bug 5512 fixed: now disp() respects arguments orderStéphane MOTTELET48-69/+64
6 days[ast] fix reverse order of assignment displayStéphane Mottelet2-2/+3
10 days[ast] display trailling zeros when significant digit is hiddenStéphane MOTTELET3-5/+16
10 days* Bug 16118 fixed: now %s <> 1+%s returns %tStéphane MOTTELET4-506/+40
10 days* Bug 16263 fixed: insertion in complex polynomial is repairedStéphane MOTTELET3-6/+30
11 days* Bug 16264 fixed: now after empty loop iterator is emptyStéphane MOTTELET3-0/+27
12 daysast: fix Coverity #1407683 and #1407684Clément DAVID1-18/+4
2019-11-21[ast] fix missing cases after 603f3ba1Stéphane MOTTELET2-4/+14
2019-11-20[elementary_functions] linspace() c++ gateway gives tremendous speedupStéphane MOTTELET8-45/+278
2019-11-19* Bug 15781 fixed: display of complex matrix was uglyStéphane MOTTELET6-260/+282
2019-11-19[ast] improved polynomial display with unicode superscriptsStéphane MOTTELET4-307/+75
2019-11-19* Bug 16191 fixed: now mode(0) and mode(1) are really compact.Stéphane MOTTELET5-10/+24
2019-11-19* Bug 16209 fixed: grand(n,m,exp,1) may freeze Scilab with default generatorStéphane MOTTELET3-1/+24
2019-11-19* Bug 16208 fixed: 3D string matrix may crash old C-api gatewaysStéphane MOTTELET3-1/+24
2019-11-19[doc] fix typo in dec2base help pageFederico Miyara1-1/+1
2019-11-19[atoms] prevent unzip of spurious __MACOSX under DarwinStéphane MOTTELET1-0/+4
2019-11-19[OSX] allow Scilab to run on CatalinaStéphane MOTTELET1-3/+3
2019-11-19Allow Scilab compilation under OSX CatalinaStéphane MOTTELET2-59/+66
2019-11-19fix llabs()/_abs64() on unsigned warningsClément DAVID3-86/+35
2019-11-19Remove the deprecated (c++11) bind1st and bind2ndClément DAVID2-10/+10
2019-11-19Linux dynamic link: remove pre-c++11 ABI compatClément DAVID3-5/+3
2019-11-12[doc] misc. fix & improvementsSamuel GOUGEON85-2395/+2512
2019-11-06fix missing-override warnings on Scilab typesClément DAVID34-384/+384
2019-10-18Linux: enforce a c++17 compiler usageClément DAVID91-463/+1994
2019-10-17[doc] misc. patchs & small improvementsSamuel GOUGEON64-623/+1960
2019-10-04Linux: update to automake 1.16.1Clément DAVID101-6421/+15340
2019-09-04remove watches from scilab debuggerCedric Delamarre3-45/+0
2019-08-26[debugger] do not stop execution inside a macro witout source fileCedric Delamarre1-19/+57
2019-08-23* Bug 16174 fixed: now libraryinfo() yields [] for lib without macroStéphane MOTTELET4-8/+33
2019-08-22[debugger] use an InternalType as watch value instead of stringCedric Delamarre2-13/+4
2019-07-31reduce overhead of debugger and improve output of functionsAntoine ELIAS3-35/+98
2019-07-24[casd] trzeros crashed under OSX when using gfortranStéphane MOTTELET2-0/+9
2019-07-24* Bug 14557 fixed: now csim work when system has no stateStéphane MOTTELET2-1/+6
2019-07-24ast: fix ArrayOf<T>::insertNew out-of-bounds accessClément DAVID1-14/+19
2019-07-24* Bug 15715 fixed: now %nan indexes do not crash ScilabStéphane Mottelet3-20/+50
2019-07-23* Bug 16144 fixed: addition of sparse matrices gave incorrect resultsStéphane MOTTELET3-59/+39
2019-07-22fix vfproj after f1c2002Antoine ELIAS1-15/+19
2019-07-19[interpolation] mesh2d gateway introducedStéphane Mottelet17-669/+2099
2019-07-19* Bug 14498 fixed: size([],3) returned 1 instead of 0Samuel GOUGEON3-1/+21
2019-07-19* Bug 16111 fixed: now isglobal supports array of stringsStéphane MOTTELET3-15/+38
2019-07-17Linux/macOS `-std=c++11 -D_GLIBCXX_USE_CXX11_ABI=0`Clément DAVID7-6/+292
2019-07-17provide 2 logging functions, 1 for errors and 1 for outputsAntoine ELIAS3-10/+38
2019-07-15core: on error, a crash could happenClement DAVID6-71/+80